The Company
Who we are
Since 2000 Gridline has successfully provided quality architectural cladding solutions for major industrial and commercial building projects.
Over the years we have built the expertise, experience and reputation to handle any specialist cladding solution no matter the size.
We are currently employing 45 people in our office, factory and on the building sites. On top of that we are using subcontractors, mainly for doing specialist work.

What we do
The typical project comprises the following activities:
  • Creative and technical discussions with architects, designers and engineers.
  • Interpretation of drawings or 'from design idea to practical implementation'.
  • Advice on practical implementation solutions.
  • Manufacturing the cladding solution ie. cutting, grooving, curving and assembling the cladding panels.
  • Installing the cladding on site.

Where we are heading
We are doing our utmost to be on the forefront of the industry when it comes to new design, new materials and new production and installation methods.
We are not limited by the size and volume of the project. We will continue to be able to provide smaller face and shop front solutions as well as major industrial cladding solutions in an efficient and high quality manner.
Though we are based in Sydney with most of the projects being located around Sydney we will continue to look for ways to efficiently carry out projects in other areas of Australia.

Our values
We understand and appreciate our customers' needs for aesthetic, cost efficient and durable cladding solutions delivered on time and budget.
We understand our employees' needs for interesting and challenging projects and we appreciate the outcome in terms of their loyalty and dedication to our company.
We understand our shareholders' need for return on investment and we do our utmost to pay back dividend in return for the risk they are taking.